Wilbury Metals, based in Cheshire, are supplier of high quality refractory metals, speciality metals, alloys and powders to the aerospace, low alloy casting, welding and general foundry industry.

Tungsten (W)

Tungsten W is derived from Wolframite (Fe,MnWO4) and is widely used in the filament industry for lamps & electronic contacts, for hardening metals and as a dry high-temperature lubricant. We sell Tungsten as gauze, foil and bars, and can source regular and plated wire to a range of certified purities. We actively trade across a network of sources so that we can offer you, the customer, the best price and the best service.


Primary applications that demand Tungsten include:

Tungsten Mill Products

We supply pressed & sintered Tungsten including billets from the following groups based on their recrystallisation behavior:

Tungsten Alloys

We supply the three main types of commercially available Tungsten:

What We Don't Buy Or Sell

We do not trade Tungsten Carbide in any form including scrap.

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