Welcome to Wilbury Metals Ltd, supplier of high quality refractory metals to industry. Formed in 1991, Wilbury Metals Limited supply speciality metals, alloys and powders to smelters in the aerospace, low alloy casting, welding and general foundry industry.

Wilbury Metals Ltd was founded in 1991. Specialising in the trade of refractory metals to smelters across the North of England the business was slowly built up and after several years of growth the requirement for larger premises became ever more pressing resulting in the company moving to its current location in Chester where it now employs four people.

The staff at Wilbury Metals Limited aim to provide metals and service of an exceptional quality. The company operate a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and hold a certificate which was awarded through UKAS.


The company supplies primary metals and metal powders of:


We also supply Ferro Alloys, high duty superalloy scrap prepared either for vacuum or air melting, and are a reseller for MPT welding powders. Through our extensive range of contacts we are able to source a broad range of other materials such as noble and precious metals, as required and to demand.

All products are fully certified from quality assured sources and where applicable covered by our ISO 9002 approval with lot traceabiliy.

We trade primarily across Western Europe and the US catering to the the general superalloy industry. Our core markets are the aerospace and welding industries, although we supply all sectors that require superalloys.

As a small company we are agile and capable of sourcing materials at very short notice at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on our flexability and quality of service. Ask us for a quote now.

Customer Service
At Wilbury Metals Limited we put you, the customer first. Our technically qualified personnel will respond quickly and efficiently to your needs. We like to develop a partner style relationship with our customers to help them source the most suitable materials for a job and identifying the best price. Integrated with this services comes over 30 years of experience in the business which we are happy to share with our customers to ensure they identify the right product for their needs.

We offer same day despatch. All orders are dispatched in drum or bulk bags using secure delivery services and are fully insured.


Molybdenum (Mo)

Molybdenum Mo is derived from the principal ore Molybdenite MoS2. Molybdenum is used primarily for hardening of steel and iron although it has many other applications for improving performance in aggressive and high temperature environments. We deal with large volumes of Molybdenum and always have sheets and plates in stock ranging between 99.8 - 99.955% purity and offer a quick turnaround.

Tungsten (W)

Tungsten W is derived from Wolframite (Fe,MnWO4). Tungsten is used in the filament industry for lamps and electronic contacts, for hardening metals and as a dry high-temperature lubricant. We sell Tungsten as gauze, foil and bars, and can source regular and plated wire to a range of certified purities. We actively trade across a network of sources so that we can offer you, the customer, the best price and the best service.

Tantalum (Ta)

Tantalum Ta can be found in Columbite, and Tantalite. Tantalum is used for medical applications because it's biologically inert, is the latest material for capacitors in integrated circuits and is used to improve structural integrity in turbine blades. We have good sources for new and recovered tantalum which we supply as ingots or scrap.

Chromium (Cr)

Chromium Cr is found in chromite ore. Chromium is widely used in the refractory industry for kiln, furnace and incinerator bricks. Chromium is also used to plate alloys for wear and corrosion protection, and to increase electrical resistance in superalloys. We have excellent contacts with industrial users of pure chromium and are often able to secure very good deals.

Niobium (Nb)

Niobium Nb is found in Niobite. Niobium has widespread applications across the electrical and electronics sectors where it is used for capacitors, high powered magnets and for sodium vapor lamps. We supply niobium foil, sheet and wire with full traceability where required.


We can supply certified high grade refractory metal directly from source by the ton or kilogram in either ingot, foil, sheet, plate, wire or rod. We also supply refined scrap prepared for either vacuum or air melting.

We supply high purity powders for the welding industry including tungsten and molybdenum, please call for further information.

MPT AB Reseller
MPT AB, based in Ekshärad, Sweden specialise in the production of metal powders for the welding industry. Powders can be tailor made for specific requirements and shipped direct from Sweden to your door. As the UK agent for MPT AB we can handle all order processing for you.


Vacuum Smelters
Wilbury Metals supply refractory metals to vacuum smelters who in turn supply the superalloy industries, companies that sinter or smelt metals down primarily for the production of superalloy's and high specification components. The final market sectors include the aerospace and medical industries.

We supply refractory metal powders to the welding industry where they are used for either welding electrodes or wire. A typical application would include the welding of a superalloy based gas turbine for the aviation or power industries

We buy raw and processed metal from primary producers and as scrap, and sell to a range of end users across the Western European and North American markets. We also carry out inter merchant trading.


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