Molybdenum (Mo) Suppliers

Molybdenum (Mo)

Molybdenum Mo is derived from the principal ore Molybdenite MoS2 and is used primarily for hardening of steel and iron although it has many other applications for improving performance in aggressive and high temperature environments. We deal with large volumes of Molybdenum and always have sheets and plates in stock ranging between 99.8 - 99.955% purity and offer a quick turnaround.


We deal with all forms of Molybdenum including ore, powder, briquettes, scrap and material encompassed by the following specifications:


Much of the material we deal with is in the form of roasted Molybdenite briquettes for furnace and refractory applications such as heat shielding, heating elements and hearth trays as well as Ferromolybdenum for super alloys & steels, and its low toxicity makes it ideal for the medical sector. Technical oxides and pure Molybdenum are also available and are primarily used in catalytic systems, as pigments, corrosion inhibitors, flame suppressors and for lubrication under high pressures/temperatures.

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