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Vacuum Smelters

Wilbury Metals supply refractory metals to vacuum smelters who in turn supply the superalloy industries, companies that sinter or smelt metals down primarily for the production of superalloy's and high specification components. The final market sectors include the aerospace and medical industries.


We supply refractory metal powders to the welding industry where they are used for either welding electrodes or wire. A typical application would include the welding of a superalloy based gas turbine for the aviation or power industries.

Universities & Research Organisations

We supply materials for research and development to universities and research organisations in large and small quantities.


We buy raw and processed metal from primary producers and as scrap, and sell to a range of end users across the Western European and North American markets. We also carry out inter merchant trading.

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Molybdenum - Tungsten - Tantalum - Chromium - Niobium